The Day America Broke America – Trump

November 8th, 2017

The Day America Broke America

It’s been just over a full year now since Trump won the election and there is still a lot of world interest in the United States. Specifically, what is going to happen next? It appears that when things take a turn for the worst, they only get worse. We’re not just talking about the natural disasters, but the way in which Trump has responded to all the real crises that has affected the United States, both domestic and abroad.

Trump incites religious extremism in his speeches and has rallied the bullies of the U.S.. He has actively contributed to anti-immigration, anti-gay, and anti-Muslim rhetoric, setting a strong tone of intolerance within his country and afar. One thing that has remained consistent is his disdain for Hillary Clinton. To this day he uses her email scandal as a means for pointing out the “worse-off” alternative to the now-established norm. Deflection is Trump’s primary tactic whenever he gets himself into hot water, which is pretty much a daily occurrence.

Remarkable Tragedy

This man is truly remarkable. He has proven that he can act in any way he chooses, without any real consequences for his actions. Comments and actions that were once believed unfit of someone running for political office, seems to be OK for many Americans now. Here we stand, a year later, with a world-stage laughing stock who fails to unite the country he leads against acts of terrorism, both domestic and abroad.

Russel Howard, one of our favourite comedians, based out of the United Kingdom, recently did a few episodes about gun control in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, the KKK and white supremacy groups, as well as other very relevant issues affecting the U.S.. Here’s a couple clips we think you’ll enjoy! Russel Howard is inspirational, serious when he has to be, and always succeed at driving home very important messages that we should all be listening to, something we can’t say for everyone!

Russel Howard – Daryl Davis – The man who created the documentary “Accidental Courtesy”

Russel Howard – U.S. Gun Control

In all seriousness, we really need to take a look at America and its position on the world stage. The U.S. is simply not the greatest country in the world and has far more flaws than positive attributes. Many of its people are behind the times, there are civil wars taking place all over the place, and those dealing with oppression aren’t getting any better. When the country and the world looks back on the George W. Bush era and starts to think they did not have it too badly, things start to come into perspective.

As Daryl Davis states in his interview with Russel Howard, Trump is the best thing to happen to America. In some cases you need to break something completely before you can fix it. Davis believes that America will come together like never before to rebuild it in a way that reflects true American values, as they were meant to be. We hope Davis is right, because this tragedy is supposed to last another 3 more years! Bring on the midterm elections and let’s start holding these baboons accountable!


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Missile Launch, Sarah Palin + More

August 30th, 2017

North Korea and Their Missile Launch at (or around) Japan

Ballistic Missile
A ballistic rocket is test-fired through a precision control guidance system in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) May 30, 2017. KCNA/via REUTERS.

We feel like we say this a lot, but GOOD GRIEF!

According to the BBC, Pyongyang says “it is being provoked by U.S.-South Korea military exercises which it says are a rehearsal for invasion.”

If you recall from one of our earlier posts, we made reference to the fact that North Korea was not going to be happy about the scheduled exercise between South Korea and the U.S.. North Korea’s feathers have been a bit ruffled since these drills commenced, sending a missile over Northern Japan in an attempt to communicate their displeasure. We’re not so sure that was the best move.

According to CNBC, the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, had this response after he was asked what actions his government planned to take as a result of the missile launch:

The ballistic missile launched by North Korea flew over our nation and landed in the Pacific Ocean. We, as the government, were completely aware of the movement of the missile since immediately after its launch and in order to protect the public we had a well prepared system in place.

This reckless act of firing a missile over our nation is an unprecedented, serious and significant threat, one that seriously diminishes the peace and safety of the region, and as a result we have lodged a firm protest against North Korea.

We have also requested an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. By working together with the international community, we will seek to further strengthen pressure against North Korea.

Under the firm Japan-U.S. Alliance, so that we can deal with any circumstance, while maintaining a sense of tension, we will do our utmost to ensure the public’s safety.

Trump responded by stating that “all options” were on the table, as their recent missile launch signals “contempt” for its neighbors and the United Nations.

Check out the full BBC Article here.

We found this very useful video for anyone looking to get a few tid bits of history under their belt. Enjoy!

Now that we’ve got that off our chest, let’s move on to something a bit more comical. Turn that frown upside down because we’ve got Sarah Palin to talk about! No, we’re not talking about her questionable intelligence level, we’re talking about the fact that her defamation case got thrown out against the New York Times!

Definitely not Defamed… According to the Law

Oh Palin… where to start… oh right! We’re talking ONLY about your defamation suit. For those of you who don’t know, Sarah Palin launched a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times.

According to the New York times, this suit was launched after a Times editorial was published earlier this year after a gunman opened fire on Republican congressmen during baseball practice in Washington DC.

The Times editorial, in discussing links between violence and “heated political rhetoric” cited a map published by Mrs. Palin’s political action committee, which it said featured crosshairs “targeting” 20 Democratic politicians.

While an error was made in the editorial, the New York Times quickly corrected their inaccuracies. It was determined that no malicious intent could be proven to demonstrate that defamation occurred. Judge Jed Rakoff stated the following in his final decision, “Negligence this may be; but defamation of a public figure it plainly is not”.

Here’s a video from Newsy that describes the controversy perfectly!

A Perfect Storm, Pardon my Sherrif?



Covered by the rainy mists of the most devastating hurricane to hit the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina, President Trump chose to pardon Joe Arpaio over a misdemeanor that would have landed the former Sherrif behind bars for up to 6 months; however, Trump had different plans. Trump is being ridiculed for his decision to pardon the former Arizona Sherrif by many prominent figures, including Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, John McCain, and Jeb Bush.

To make matters worse, Mr. Arpaio did not submit an application to be pardoned, he has not been sentenced, and his pardon was for a  minor offense.

Mr. Arpaio’s Lawyer, Jack Wilenchick believes that criticizing his pardon is wrong because he was unfairly prosecuted, with no jury.

Law professors in the U.S. have concluded that this might just be the thing that gets The Donald impeached… Stay tuned!

Check out the full BBC Article here.

Hold, on… we need to fill up our popcorn bowl!

Ok, we’re back… What’s next… AH YES!, let’s talk about the legal challenges of the controversial U.S. military transgender ban.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

President Trump’s actions immediately caused the individual plaintiffs and other transgender service members to fear for their careers, the well-being of their family members and dependents, their health care and, in some cases, their safety, the ACLU lawsuit states.

This is just one point of view that is shared across the country for current, past, and future transgendered military personnel who feel discriminated against for something they cannot control. Lawsuits have been launched all over the country after Trump declared that,

[the U.S. military] cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.

Check out the full CBC Article here.


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Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!

August 2nd, 2017

Kick your Bad Habit in Just 10 Days!! – This is not an Ad! ?

Well… for starters, let’s talk about Anthony Scaramucci. Why? Because the door didn’t even get a chance to hit this guy on the way out… unless you caught the slamming provided by the newly appointed Chief of Staff, retired General, John Kelly. After just 10 days in office, Scaramucci has demonstrated that he’s not fit for communication roles, anywhere. He’s made several public appearances and given statements that cannot be repeated on any respectable news agency site – In fact, Twitter even refuses to post snippets of his vulgar speeches. This guy was just too much – even by Trump’s standards… and that’s saying a lot!

Sticking on the same train of thought – Let’s talk about Trump for a second, not because he’s an easy target, but really… he’s fired more people during his six-month White House stint (not sure why he’s still there, but hey – While this sitcom is still running, why not get some more popcorn) than in probably all of Obama’s time in office. We’re sure there must be some kind of common denominator in all of this… People Management is clearly an opportunity for President Trump! ?.

Sayonara, Christy!

Moving over to British Columbia, Canada, we see that ex-premier, Christy Clark has decided to resign herself as Leader of the Opposition, as well as her MLA seat where she represented West Kelowna. After 6.5 years of giving it her all, she’s decided to take some time with her son and do a bit of gardening. All the power to ya, Christy! Let us know how your soul searching goes!

How Many Doctors Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

What’s going on with doctors in B.C., Alberta, and the East Coast? How are these provinces so short on doctors when there are over 14,000 applicants to medical school each year? Well, apparently only about 2600 medical students are admitted into medical school each year. That’s less than 20% of all the applicants who apply! So, what do these die-hard dream mongering students do? They look elsewhere… overseas, to the Caribbean, wherever they can go to get their education to help save the planet one patient at a time! Because the process of moving their accreditation to Canada is so difficult, many of these fully qualified doctors never come back – So maybe it’s time to review a policy or two, Canada. After all, many of these international schools model their programs off the US and Canadian schools. Here’s a link to the full CBC Article.


I think we’re all in the same boat when we say Trudeau got a bit tongue-tied when describing Patrick Brazeau as someone he had looked forward to fighting in the Charity Boxing Match held back in 2012. This time, Trudeau didn’t leave out a specific detail (*cough* Alberta, during the Canada 150 Celebration in Ottawa *cough*), instead he told Rolling Stone Magazine that,

“I wanted someone who would be a good foil, and we stumbled upon the scrappy tough-guy senator from an Indigenous community. He fit the bill, and it was a very nice counterpoint.”

Then Trudeau said that he,

“saw it as the right kind of narrative, the right story to tell.”

… We’re all a bit puzzled by this… what story are we telling, Mr. Trudeau?

Alright Liberal Party, let’s give it another go at building good relations with the Indigenous Community.

Trudeau – Perhaps sticking to a script is a good idea ?. Here’s a link to the full CBC Article.