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A Train Wreck

Donald Trump’s judgement is not always sound (sorry, while we put ourselves together) and here’s another piece of evidence to support this statement…

As we are all aware, Donald Trump has been under fire lately for his “denouncing” of the Charlottesville attacks that took place over the last week. Trump, under pressure from literally everyone, took to the media to reconfirm and “reaffirm” his stance on white supremacist groups and neo-Nazis.

With all this blowing up in his face, the president thought it would be appropriate to retweet a photo of a train hitting a cartoon person covered by a CNN logo…

Good grief, Donald. Good grief.

So now you’re ok with people being run over by trains, if they work for CNN? What were you trying to say with your early morning tweet? We know you deleted it, but unfortunately whatever you put online can’t ever be permanently deleted. Maybe consult Barron, your youngest son, who’s probably more adept at technology and can show you how things work when you post something, and try to imagine that it never existed…

Again… once more for the crowd… GOOD GRIEF!

Another One Bites the Dust

Trump’s advisory council is quickly being depleted of CEOs who are taking a stand against Trump’s poor condemnation of the Charlottesville violence. Here’s the list of executives who have left and made statements of their own:

  • Kevin Plank, Under Armour CEO
  • Ken Frazier, Merck Pharmaceuticals CEO
  • Scott Paul, Alliance for American Manufacturing President
  • Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO

Here’s a link to the full BBC article here.

Let’s move on to something a bit more positive…

Suspended… At Least for Now

In another unsurprising turn of events, last week Trump sent another ‘clear’ or damaging message to the North Korean Regime in an attempt to demonstrate intolerance to the threats that they’ve been making to the United States.

The regime has since ceased their plans to send a military warning strike to the waters off the coast of Guam. It appears that Trump’s bombastic tactics are at least meeting the level of crazy prevalent within the Regime, as North Korea seems to be at bay… for now.

Kim Jung Un stated that he will watch the “Foolish conduct of the Yankees” before making his next move.

It’s clear that neither side truly wants to have a full out open war, especially since it will likely end up becoming the start of another world war.

The US and South Korea still plan to conduct their planned military drills off the coast of South Korea next week, so stay tuned…

Here’s a link to the full CNN article here.

Grappling with a Groping Problem?

Taylor Swift has received vindication after winning her countersuit against now-fired Denver DJ, David Mueller. The countersuit was in the amount of $1 and a gesture of solidarity for all women out there dealing with sexual abuse. A jury determined that Taylor Swift was assaulted by Mr. Mueller, with the jury determining that he grabbed Taylor’s backside during a backstage meet and greet.

Mueller had originally sued Swift for $3 million US for ruining his career after Swift’s mother and radio liaison were within their rights to contact Mueller’s bosses about the situation.

The judge was quick to announce that Mueller, if the Jury sided with his side of the events, would only be entitled to $300,000 (two year’s salary).

Get the full CBC article here.

British Columbia, Canada, Ends Grizzly Trophy Hunting

No Paws, Heads, Furs, etc… can be taken out of the province, so if you’re looking to hunt some Grizzlies in British Columbia, Canada, you may do so only for their meat.

The newly formed NDP/Green Government here in B.C., Canada announced that starting next season (November 2017) Grizzly Bears will no longer be hunted for anything other than their meat. The problem is not with their numbers, as approximately 250 are killed each year, but rather the barbaric practice itself.

Activist groups stated that this is a step in the right direction, but that there may be ‘loopholes’ that may still need to be fixed, as hunting for these animals may still see trophy hunters hunting them for sport.

The government believes there are no loopholes, and that the rules behind hunting Grizzlies in B.C. is very clear going into 2018.

Get the full BBC article here.

Lost: Moral Compass. If Found, Please Return

Derek Filderbrandt, an Alberta politician who has made his career out of holding governments accountable for their spending, is now under fire for double dipping on his own meal expenses. On top of receiving $2,555 in tax payer benefits, he also made mistakes when he wrongly billed the government for meals over several years. Filderbrandt blames this on administrative errors, despite the fact that this has been a hot topic in the media for quite some time now – Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau, Pamela Wallin, etc…

Come on, Derek, someone of your background must have known to double check things after you, yourself, held the pitchfork to other government leaders…

*Rings cow bell* – Shame!

Get the full CBC article here.

The Mooch on the Late Show

Check out these vids… They’ll put a smile on your face…

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The “Real News”

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s an update on the “Real News”. We’re pretty sure that this is the modern-day version of the very ‘best’ propaganda out there, so before you watch this, make sure you’re sitting down. We don’t want any giggle fits to result in any serious injuries.

Here’s a link to last week’s post.