NAFTA, Trump, Barcelona and a $417M Mistake?!

Made in the USA or Not?

NAFTA negotiations didn’t seem to go as planned for Trump. For NAFTA to be re-worked to support a more ‘buy America’ policy, it’s going to take a lot more than just a re-write. It’s going to require a complete overhaul.

NAFTA was put together in  1993 with the intention of providing a fair free trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. it is an active agreement that aims to benefit all three countries by moving products across each country’s border with ease.

The Problem with Trump’s ‘Deal’

How can anyone tell if something is truly made in the USA? Products are made up of several parts that come from all over North America. The parts change hands many times and can make for a very confusing accountability process when determining what percentage was made in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

NAFTA isn’t perfect, but it’s not a ‘bad’ deal. Free trade has brought opportunities to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that cannot be quantified in just a simple calculation of Gross Domestic Product.

Economists predict that if the U.S. removes itself from NAFTA, many businesses will perish, along with the jobs that support the economy.

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Afghanistan and US Troop Deployment

Apparently we just can’t get enough of Afghanistan!

3,900 troops may be deployed to Afghanistan in a matter of days, according to President Trump. Trump has not released what his strategy will be for the injection of troops at this time; however, the 3,900 troop number comes from a report that was released by the pentagon in June 2017.

According to Trump,

Conditions on the ground – not arbitrary timelines will guide [the U.S.’] strategy from now on.

Despite some of the positive responses from the U.S. allies, some U.S. lawmakers remain divided and concerned about sending another ‘surge’ of troops into the embattled territory.

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A Hopeful End to a Terrible Tragedy

After a long manhunt for 22-year old Younes Abouyaaquob, he was finally found and shot to death on Monday just outside of Barcelona. He was found at a vineyard and possessed what appeared to be a suicide vest to police when he was gunned down.

The four surviving men have either been held without bail, detained or freed with restrictions after answering questions from a judge in court on Tuesday. The owner of the car that was used in the attacks was released on strict conditions.

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A $417M Mistake…?

Baby Powder
Baby Powder

Johnson and Johnson has been ordered to pay $417M to a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer as a result of using Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder and other talc-based products. The breakdown is as follows:

  • $70M in compensatory damages
  • $347M in punitive damages

This isn’t the first claim of this nature. In fact, there are about 4,800 other cases, with over $300M in verdicts by juries in Missouri, alone.

Johnson and Johnson plans to appeal the $417M verdict.

Good luck!

Read the full CBC article here.



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