The Crew Behind the Dough

Thanks for stopping by and reading our first blog post!

We are Alyssa and Corey, two young professionals who are curious about all the interesting things that life has to offer. We enjoy travelling as much as we enjoy great tasting food, as well as catching up on current events, both locally, and around the world.

We each have followed a very traditional path.¬†We’ve both gone to school (hold undergraduate degrees – Alyssa’s in Clinical Psychology, and Corey’s in Commerce), got the corporate job, bought our first car, and everything in between – including starting our own business, called Local Urban Bites. We are fortunate to be living in Victoria, B.C., Canada (Paradise), a place both of us have called home for over 25 years.

Before opening our own business, we both worked in a number of different industries in the corporate world, but decided that working for a boss just wasn’t for us, so in 2016 we decided to take the plunge and risk it all. We now work for the two greatest bosses a man and woman could ask for – Ourselves ;)!.

When we are not building our business, or writing about the many adventures we’re having, we’re making great recipes to share with our readers, family, and friends that are inspired from all corners of the world. For some of us Baking is our outlet, going to mix-and-mingles, globetrotting, or catching up on world events. We’re interested in it all and we’re happy to write about it here for your viewing pleasure – We won’t be leaving out any of the juicy details!

We hope that you enjoy all of our content. If you ever have anything you’d like to write to us about, feel free to do so! We love hearing from our readers!

Enjoy and chat soon!

Corey and Alyssa